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Active Noise Cancellation) Earphone

9c1dbc7df62c670213cc5e9cfbcc8d61.JPG          Systek Electronic是一家3C產品和方案的提供者。
晶統電子公司擁有最豐富手機週邊的電子產品,如Audio & Data傳輸、運用和雲端連結的經驗與專業知識以及FAE團隊,結合軟、硬體提供先進的工程能力和技術服務針對客戶的特定開發,開創符合市場潮流產品的需求。且,提供領先的技術搭配開發手機使用的App設計、增加產品性價比的解決方案與服務。

Systek Electronic is a provider focusing on 3C products and solutions. 
With professional and extensive FAE teams as well as connection cloud computing, we provide overall cellphone electric peripherals, such as audio & data accessories. For specific development, we also support customer advanced engineering in both hardware andsoftware technology to create market appealing products. Also helping App development, Systek gives customers value-added solution to enhance product competition.

晶統電子公司的產品,提供您全方位的聽覺饗宴,擴充耳機的各式功能,如 : 數位耳機、高音質(High-Res.) 數位耳機、數位主動式降噪耳機、卡拉OK數位耳機、……


Systek provides a wide range of audio technology to enrich cellphone various function include digital earphone, Hi-Res. earphone, Active Noise Cancelling earphone and Karaoke earphone, …. etc.
Considering different environment to enjoy music, Systek provides multiple function WiFi / Bluetooth audio box, portable Bluetooth speaker & audio CLA and smartphone & computer advanced storage devices, ….. etc.

晶統電子公司使命 :  引領潮流,專業投入、專心、分享。

Systek has a mission: be Leadership, be Professional, be Dedication, be Commitment, be Share.  

Services: Smart Eraphone, ANC Digital Earphone,Karaoke Earphone, Buletooth + ANC Earphone,Ture Wireless Stereo Earphone ,Language Learning Earphone,NFC Total Solution,Trading of Elec. Components

Merchandise Shipping:Postal Delivery
Payment:Credit Card, Cash, Wired Transfer, T/T
Service Zone:North of TWN, Mid of TWN, South of TWN, East of TWN, HK & Macao, China, S-E Asia, Japan & Korea, Nationwide

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